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Why an Off-grid Camping Den?


With it's roots in creating beautiful, sustainable furniture from reclaimed timber, The Joiner's Workshop in Ilkley can now create the same beautiful interiors in a travel trailer built for adventure.

Inspired by amazing campervan adventures to remote locations, we hanker for an alternative which allows a little more flexibility.  On our wish list were comfortable beds for a family of 4 and to be able to cook inside in bad weather, just like our campervan.  Unlike staying in our campervan, we also wanted to be warm in winter; we wanted extra creature comforts of soft lighting and constant free electricity for devices and equipment; we wanted everything set up ready as soon as we parked; we wanted to drive from camp for the day without having to pack everything away; we wanted a compact, cosy yet cooler alternative to a beige caravan.  It seems we wanted something that didn't quite exist yet.  We wanted an Off-grid Camping Den.  

The Off-grid Camping Den enables you to stay in comfort well away from electric hook-ups and toilet blocks.  You can set up camp right next to the hiking, biking or snow trails. Highly insulated and complete with air-blown heating, you will be warm in the coldest winters and remain cool during hot summer days.  What's more, the whole family can sleep in warm, comfortable beds if you opt for the children's sleeping platform.

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